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Tapper's Kenpo Karate is a safe, friendly environment where students can learn and grow in the art of American Kenpo.  

What is Kenpo?
American Kenpo is one of the most practical and effective Martial Arts Systems available today.  While Kenpo traces its roots to Chinese martial arts, American Kenpo is the creation of the late Senior Grandmaster, Mr. Ed Parker.   It is practical and realistic, and can readily be applied in today's environment.  Mr. Parker's Kenpo encompasses logical principles and concepts along with scientific disciplines not always employed by other Martial Art Systems.

Who Studies Kenpo?
People from all walks of life study Kenpo; Boys and girls, men and women of all ages; People who want to exercise and learn self-defense at the same time; People who are looking for different levels of athletic competition, higher levels of self-confidence and improved coordination.  Most importantly, people who study Kenpo want to be able to defend themselves or their loved ones with an effective fighting system.  

It Does Not Take Years
to Learn Kenpo
From the very first lesson, you'll learn self-defense moves that you can instantly put to use.  You'll learn how a basic hand or foot maneuver can make an attacker helpless and you can practice these moves anywhere in your home or at work.  No special attire or equipment is needed while you are practicing.  You will feel reassured knowing you have the ability to better defend yourself even if you only complete the beginner's course.

Lasting Results
The skills you learn today will last a lifetime.  Have you ever invested in an expensive health product, training equipment, or physical activity and have nothing to show for it?  Well, with Kenpo, even if you only completed the beginner's course, you will always have those acquired skills as a means of self-defense or exercise.  Kenpo can be a valuable investment that will last for years to come, whether or not you desire to make it a lifelong pursuit.

Start Today!
We invite you to come in and talk with our instructors and students, inspect our facilities and watch a class.   Make your life a little healthier, safer and much more enjoyable by coming to Tapper's Kenpo Karate.  Discover for yourself how you can develop self-confidence as well as a mind at peace.